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Alan Lee Robin, M.D.

Dr. Robin has been dedicated to the Mid-Atlantic region for three decades. A native of Chicago, Dr. Robin received his undergraduate training at Yale University and his medical schooling at Tufts University School of Medicine, Boston Massachusetts.  Dr. Robin completed his fellowship in glaucoma at the Wilmer Institute, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore Maryland.  He is a clinical professor of ophthalmology at the University of Maryland and an adjunct clinical professor for the department of veteran affairs Maryland Health Care System. He is also both an associate professor of international health at the Bloomberg School of Public Health, Johns Hopkins University, and Ophthalmology at the Wilmer Institute at Johns Hopkins University.  He was on the editorial board of Graefes Archiv of Ophthalmology and former editor-in-chief of Vision and Aging; currently editor-in-chief of Glaucoma Management News and editorial board of Ophthalmologica.   He has authored more than 175 papers and 25 book chapters that have appeared in peer-review journals and has been an invited lecturer on all continents.

He has delivered the Janice Kushner Memorial Lecture for the International Glaucoma Association in London.  He is a founding member of the American Glaucoma Society and the Indian Glaucoma Society.  He is a member of the American Ophthalmological Society, an exclusive honorary society requiring an original thesis for admission. He is also a member of the Glaucoma Research Society, an invited group of the top 75 international glaucoma specialists.  In 2005, he received the American Academy of Ophthalmology’s Outstanding Humanitarian Award, and he was recently selected as one of Baltimore’s top ophthalmologists by Baltimore Magazine. In 2010 he received the Silver Fellow Award from the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology.  In the same. year he also received the Secretariat Award from the American Academy of Ophthalmology.

During 1978, a month with Dr. Norval Christy in Taxila, Pakistan, changed his life. He realized the magnitude of preventable blindness in less developed nations and began seeking methods of eliminating needless blindness.  This led him to research that could help better preserve vision.

He has been a pioneer in laser research for glaucoma.  He was instrumental in both the development of ND:YAG laser iridotomy, a portable ND:YAG laser, and creating a better definition of the utility and limitations of laser trabeculoplasty. Surgical intervention in developing nations has also been one of Dr. Robin’s interests.  He has been involved with seminal research into the use of intraocular lens, mitomycin, and phacoemulsification in developing nations.  He is currently one of the principal investigators of the Aravind Comprehensive Eye Survey, a population based epidemiologic study of over 17,000 individuals in Southern India.

He has worked with new surgical techniques including the AquaFlow and Viscocanalostomy.  He has helped develop faster and better testing for the detection and tracking of glaucoma.  Finally, Dr. Robin has been a major leader in the pharmacologic therapy for glaucoma.  He has been a researcher on many of the currently used medications for glaucoma and has had pivotal roles in the development of apraclonidine, brimonidine, brinzolamide, dorzolamide, latanoprost, travoprost, and levobunolol.

He has been a consultant to many in the industry, including Alcon, Allergan, Coherent, Humphrey, IOLAB, Laser Diagnostics, Merck, Oculus, Vision Rx, Pharmacia, and Pfizer. 

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to provide the best world-class eye care to patients with glaucoma and cataracts with Visions of being a world wide leader in the research, diagnosis, management, and treatment of glaucoma and cataract.  We are dedicated to the individual, caring service of each patient.  We are committed to medical, professional, and patient education, and dedicated to the Values of leadership, innovation, compassion, and excellence in everything we do.

International Ophthalmology

Dr. Robin has been instrumental in developing and establishing the glaucoma service at the Aravind Eye Hospital in Southern India. Aravind is the busiest eye hospital in the world. His work there has been instrumental in developing self-sustaining eye care, a increased awareness of glaucoma, and fostering research and clinical ties that have bettered patients in both India and the developing world. His work has been critical to the development of mitomycin C for glaucoma surgery, new forms of visual fields to better diagnose glaucoma, as well as a better understanding of both the prevalence of glaucoma as well as other eye diseases.

Recent Awards and Recognition

  • 2010 ARVO Silver Fellow
  • 2005-2010 Best Doctors in Maryland
  • 2006 Membership in Glaucoma Research Society
  • 2007 Top Winner, Maryland Health Care Hero
  • 2007 Baltimore Magazine Top Doctor
  • 2008 Hawaiian Eye Meeting Speaker of the Day
  • 2005 American Academy of Ophthalmology
  • 2004 American Glaucoma Society Nominee for the American Academy of Ophthalmology Humanitarian Award
  • 2002 -2008 Scientific Advisory Board, Alcon Laboratories, Inc.
  • 2003 Life Time Member Global Directory of Who’s Who
  • 2002 Program Director, Joint Bloomberg School of Public Health and Wilmer Institute Symposium on Ethnicity and Glaucoma
  • 2002 Baltimore Magazine’s Baltimore’s Top Doctors
  • 2002 America’s Top Doctors
  • 2002 Who’s Who in America
  • 2002 Who’s Who in the 21st Century

Recent Publications

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Curriculum Vitae

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